The designers and trend professionals at Swarovski have identified the next fall/winter 2018-19 trends and have branded them “Elegantia”.

The word “Elegantia” is defined as elegance, taste, refinement and grace. This brings you back to the days of Art Deco, where it was glamorous with a rebellious nature for eccentricity in everyday design. The Jazz time era of the 20's and 30's were filled with much laughter, fun, enthusiasm and excitement.  

The 20's and 30's color palate was “racy” bright and bold, with a contrast of muted tones; pearlescent, with rich velvety chocolate browns and deep scarlet reds.  

Swaroviski is predicting the fall/winter 2018/19 jewelry styles to be: 

Bold, Art Deco-inspired graphic pieces such as long earrings, pendant watches, and cascading necklaces reflect the glamour of the past. Pearls make a strong statement.”