Crystals often hide in plain sight – its not until they are cracked open that their inner geometry is revealed.

Iris Van Hepern, a 33-year-old Dutch fashion designer, has been hailed one of the most innovative and exciting designers of the 21st century. Know for her distinct ability to be able to collapse the boundaries between, art, science, dance and fashion.  Iris Van Herpen has partnered with Swarovski, launching her debut crystal collection, bringing to life her unique vision to the “Growing Crystal” collection. This beautiful Swarovski crystal is geode inspired collection, fits perfectly with Van Herpen design style, a she is  known for her ability to be able to replicate nature and incorporated it into three dimensional modeling.

This Growing Crystal series is the latest in the Designer Edition series which you will start to see as inspiration and influence the fall/winter 2018/2019 designs from clothing to jewelry.