You haven’t seen it anywhere else, you won’t see it anywhere else and you must see it to believe it! Welcome to the Nic & Syd collection. 

Nic & Syd brings a whole new meaning to affordable luxury. As a global branding partner of Swarovski, you receive the quality and beauty of Swarovski crystals, with a price tag that will make you smile. The vision for Nic & Syd began years ago when we were asked to make custom jewelry for a very special client. The jewelry was lovely and well received, but with a critical eye for quality, we wanted more, we wanted exceptional. So, what do you do when you want exceptional? You seek out the best material in the world. And so began our journey to partner with Swarovski, a world leader in fashion trends, technological innovation and creativity. 

On a personal note, my 20 career spans across the technology, education and marketing sectors, from small business to multi-national organizations. I am so excited to be a part of something that is so creative, relevant and beautiful. So much that our name was inspired by the sparkle in my daughters’ eyes. 

I invite you to look through our featured items with imagination. This collection combines some of our best-selling items along with fresh and innovative designs that are intended to spark your inner passion for expression and beauty.