The Halo jewelry style can be traced as far back as the Georgian era (1714-1837).

The Halo style was first introduced as an engagement ring. The style gets the name from the larger center stone, which is encircled by smaller stones, resembling an Angel’s halo.

In the Victorian era (1837-1901) the center stone was often replaced with other gems, like a ruby or sapphire to emulate flowers.

The Art Deco era of the 1920’s helped refine the shape of the Halo with focused emphasis and focus on symmetry and geometric patterns.

During the Great Depression (1930's) opulence fell out of fashion and so too did this Halo jewelry style. The Halo emerged for a short time during the Hollywood Glamour period (1940's) but again dwindled in popularity as with the on set of WWII. Halo style jewelry had a small resurgence in the 1960's but quickly fell out of popularity.

After many years Halo style jewelry is again making a comeback, this is due to people’s love and infatuation of vintage fashion & jewelry.