The simple understated hoop earring. Of all the fashion accessories a woman can own, the hoop earring is one of the oldest forms of jewelry. Hoop earrings have been around for many years and have been worn by both men and women. Its origin has dated back to many various places and cultures. Dating back to ancient Rome, Greece, and even ancient Sumerian culture. Hoop earrings hit high fashion and are mostly associated with the Disco era of the 1960s.

Versatile, hoop earrings can be worn understated, simple jeans and a t-shirt or deliver a more extravagant look paired worn with an evening gown. Hoops have earned the title of being a timeless classic. Not to mention with their large and prominent profile, hoops draw attention up to your face. Where the curves of hoops are extra flattering to your facial features, helping define your jaw line and cheekbones.