Summer is finally here! Thinking about updating your summer wardrobe? Wondering what Summer trend jewelry pieces are a MUST have? The fashion trend this summer is unique, classic, retro paired with earthy boho-chic.  

InStyle Magazine list the top must have summer jewelry items as:

  1. Hoop Earrings – any size but make sure they have some unique bling. Make a bold statement.
  2. Bracelets & Bangles – it’s all about the stacking! Mix the materials and metals for a stylish unique one of a kind look. The more the merrier.
  3. Pearls – Pearls are back this summer! No longer viewed as “mature or formal” they are now seen as trendy, being added to jewelry design in unique ways. Look for bold colors, accented with a little crystal sparkle.
  4. Pendants – it’s all about the layering. Mix a variety of lengths and materials, from the classic circle necklace to medallions and oversized geometric shapes.
  5. Rings – stack multiple rings per finger. Mix gold rose gold and silver. Combining with semi precious gemstones and pair with high quality crystals to add a sophisticated touch to your summer look.

Basically, anything goes! Mix your metals; gold & silver, layer classic sophisticated pieces with trendy one of a kind styles, with the addition of stacking and layering it puts you totally on trend. More is better this summer. Have fun with it!